Here you'll find the notation for each of the tunes covered during the current workshops, just in case they slip your mind! Click on a tune title to display the notation in .pdf format.

For the notation of an earlier tune, see the Dots Archive.

Autumn Term 2017 - 13 weeks
5th. September Open Evening
The Sleeping Tune
12th. September Finger Twister
Mona's Delight
19th. September The Purlongs
3rd. October The Cornish Express
10th. October The Snowy Path
17th. October The Queen of Sheba Arrives
24th. October Pilvi och Eskos Brudvals arr.
Half-term break
7th. November Millbrae
14th. November Farquhar & Hettie's Waltz
21st. November My Cape Breton Home
28th. November My Cape Breton Home arr.
5th. December Eamon Coyne's
12th. December Battered Hake

Spring Term 2018 - 12 weeks
9th. January Finger (& bow) twister
Barrowburn Reel
16th. January Hedgehog's Skin
23rd. January Ravens
30th. January The Queen's Jigg
6th. February Bussen
13th. February -
Half-term break
20th. February -
27th. February -
6th. March -
13th. March
20th. March -
27th. March -

Summer Term 2018 - 12 weeks
17th. April -
23rd. April Saint George's Day
24th. April -
1st. May -
8th. May -
15th. May -
19th. May World Fiddle Day
22nd. May -
Half-term break
5th. June -
12th. June -
19th. June -
26th. June -
3rd. July -
10th. July End of year tea, cakes &!