Here you'll find the notation for each of the tunes covered during the current workshops, just in case they slip your mind! Click on a tune title to display the notation in .pdf format.

For the notation of an earlier tune, see the Dots Archive.

Autumn Term 2018 - 13 weeks
4th September Open Evening
Finger twister
Bonny Miller
11th September Ria's
18th September Prairie Mountain Rag
25th September Vankarin Polska
2nd October Maiden's Prayer
9th October Double Lead Through
16th October Five Sheep, Four Goats
Half-term break
6th November More sheep & goats
13th November The Headless Chicken!
20th November The Great Western Hornpipe
27th November Lancashire Day
More GW Hornpipe
4th December Farewell to the Dene
11th December Frank McConnell's Three Step

Spring Term 2019 - 12 weeks
8th January Finger twister
15th January -
22nd January -
29th January -
5th February -
12th February -
Half-term break
26th February -
5th March -
9th March Mellor Brook Fiddle Day
19th March -
26th March -
2nd April -
9th April -

Summer Term 2019 - 12 weeks
23rd April St. George's Day
Finger twister
30th April -
7th May -
14th May -
18th May World Fiddle Day
21st May -
4th June -
Half-term break
11th June -
18th June -
25th June -
2nd July -
9th July -
16th July End of year tea, cakes &!

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