Here you'll find the notation for each of the tunes covered during the current workshops, just in case they slip your mind! Click on a tune title to display the notation in .pdf format.

For the notation of an earlier tune, see the Dots Archive.

Autumn Term 2016
13th. September Fingertwister - Early Morn
Traveller's Joy
20th. September The Shepherd and Shepherdess
27th. September Revision
4th. October Fil et Bobine
11th. October -
18th. October -
Half-term break
8th. November Radstock Jig
15th. November Sans Day Carol
22nd. November Tanteeka
29th. November All Saints
6th. December Pig2
13th. December Christmas Party

Spring Term 2017 - 9 weeks only
10th. January Gamekeeper's Cottage
Welt Hall Chimes
17th. January Sunshine
24th. January Upplandsschottis
31st. January -
7th. February The Gobbio
Half-term break
21st. February Hare's Maggot
28th. February Swing Edith
7th. March Johnny Pick the Strings
11th. March Mellor Brook Fiddle Day
14th. March Market & Louth Quicksteps

Summer Term 2017 - 9 weeks only
23rd. April St. George's Day
9th. May Nancy's Waltz
16th. May Return From Helsinki
20th. May World Fiddle Day
23rd. May Lamshaw's Fancy
Half-term break
6th. June Cuckold Come Out o' the Amery
13th. June Small Coals an' Little Money
20th. June Double Kisses
27th. June -
4th. July -
11th. July End of year tea, cakes &!