Here you'll find the notation for each of the tunes covered during the current workshops, just in case they slip your mind! Click on a tune title to display the notation in .pdf format.

For the notation of an earlier tune, see the Dots Archive.

Autumn Term 2016
13th. September Fingertwister - Early Morn
Traveller's Joy
20th. September The Shepherd and Shepherdess
27th. September Revision
4th. October Fil et Bobine
11th. October -
18th. October -
Half-term break
8th. November Radstock Jig
15th. November Sans Day Carol
22nd. November Tanteeka
29th. November All Saints
6th. December Pig2
13th. December Christmas Party

Spring Term 2017 - 9 weeks only
10th. January Gamekeeper's Cottage
Welt Hall Chimes
17th. January Sunshine
24th. January Upplandsschottis
31st. January -
7th. February The Gobbio
Half-term break
21st. February Hare's Maggot
28th. February Swing Edith
7th. March Johnny Pick the Strings
11th. March Mellor Brook Fiddle Day
14th. March Market & Louth Quicksteps

Summer Term 2017 - 9 weeks only
23rd. April St. George's Day
9th. May Nancy's Waltz
16th. May Return From Helsinki
20th. May World Fiddle Day
23rd. May Lamshaw's Fancy
Half-term break
6th. June Cuckold Come Out o' the Amery
13th. June Small Coals an' Little Money
20th. June Double Kisses
27th. June Stewart's Reel
4th. July Eleanor of Usan
11th. July End of year tea, cakes &!