Dedicated to all those inspired by folk and traditional fiddle music from around the world.

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My biog.

I originally learnt the basics of the violin when I was a boy but because, in my wisdom, at the tender age of fourteen, I saw myself more of a rock-star than a classical musician, I stopped playing violin in favour of teaching myself guitar., work, marriage and a family rather side-stepped my fortunes as a rock god and it was many years later before I was re-introduced to live music by a good friend involved in the Preston Morris scene. At that time I didn't even own an instrument!

Encouraged by the fun others were obviously having playing traditional music, I bought a fiddle purely on impulse at an auction, just to see if I could coax a tune out of it! As you might imagine it took me six months hard labour to be brave enough to take it out to a session and another six before I dared play a solo! ĎThe sound of strangling catsí is a phrase that comes to mind!

Well, since then, the 'devilís instrumentí has taken hold of me. I didnít meet him at midnight at Oakís Bar* or anything but Iíve had so much fun with it since and met so many interesting and friendly people through playing, it has changed my life completely.

I eventually took the plunge, and in 2007 I graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a B.Mus.(Hons) in Folk & Traditional Music. I was awarded Upper Second Class Honours - a 2:1. Now I know how a fiddle really should be played!

What Iím trying to do here in East Lancashire is generate interest among people, young and old, to learn to play the indigenous music that was once the wallpaper in this part of the world. There is a lack of opportunity for people to learn traditional music, song and dance of the region and using this website and my efforts in teaching and playing the fiddle, I hope to rectify that imbalance. If I can enthuse people just half as much as I have been then we're definitely back on track.

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Julian Taylor.

* The Ribble Valley equivalent of 'the crossroads'!